Rowenta Inc.

Address: Number 3,Five Lane,Metro East,Xixiang linen community,Bao'an District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China
( Peng Chau MTR Station Exit D )

Hottel: ( 86 ) 755 29746345

Mobile: ( 86 ) 139 0292 0476 ( Mr.Chen )


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Support Service

1.Bus Charters   2.Student Transportation
3.Summer Camps   4.Shenzhen Tourism
5.Meeting Bus   6.Exhibition Bus
7.Airport Transfer   8.Shuttle Enterprise
9.Hotel transfers   10.Weddings and Events

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Fleet Vehicles

Passenger Seat: 18-22 Personnel
Passenger Seat: 23-27 Personnel
Passenger Seat: 33-55 Personnel
Toyota,Yutong Bus,
Golden Dragon Bus

Vehicle Specifications

Contact Rowenta

Hottel ( 86 ) 755 29746345
Fax ( 86 ) 755 29700552
Mobile ( 86 ) 139 0292 0476
(Manager Chan)

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A company incorporated in Shenzhen with limited liability.

Rowenta,Inc Travel Transport Bus Fleet.
Rowenta,Inc Logo®
Rowenta Travel Transport Corporation
Fleet for many years specialized in bus services.Rowenta,Inc Passenger users,Seat planning,The comfort level of visibility and other key aspects of the indicators is one of China leading companies in Shenzhen.Shuttling around in China,the company drivers are familiar with the roads each country,providing safe,skilled coach services.

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Tour Bus Photo Album.

Here,you can see more photos.

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Toyota Minibus


Toyota Minibus


Toyota Minibus


Rowenta ® Bus

Rowenta Inc.

Golden Dragon Bus


Golden Dragon Bus


Golden Dragon Bus


Will become a partner to help you use the bus service.

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Not so Much What We Do, This is Our Way to Make us Different.
Rowenta Inc Customer is first,we start with what you need to use and we'll guide you as we see what you need,before using it is one that is best for you.
Use range Involving service
Commuter Bus
Provide staff workers commute
Shuttle service.
Employee Bus
Signed an agreement,shuttle to and from get off work,
arrive company.
Corporate Shuttle
You can buy a new car based on customer demand,
develop a reasonable route.
Shenzhen Tourist Bus
A variety of buses,safe and comfortable,
it is the best choice of travel.
Meeting Bus
Shenzhen is the most convenient booking center,
to undertake a variety of large-scale meetings.
Exhibition Bus
Exhibition morning and evening
round-trip transfer.
Rowenta,Iic Project Package
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Payment,and other company information.

Every business is different,find the best way for your business,so you can see the deep side.

Payment Information

Rowenta Inc.

Company households
online banking:
( Pay Prepay )

Cash to the driver:
End immediately pay the balance
( Cash,third party payment )

For payment questions,please call ( 86 ) 755 29746345*.
China registration certificate number: 91440-30059-30261-414

Certificate information was updated on February 22,2016.1.

number 3,Five Lane,Metro East,Xixiang linen community,Bao'an District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China ( Peng Chau MTR Station Exit D )

Registered Office

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Account Name: Shenzhen Rowenta Car Rental Development Co.,Ltd.
Bank: Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bank Baoan Branch
Bank Account Number: 4420 1538 9000 5252 2967

Remittances please use Chinese display.

Electronic remittance
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If you have questions about rental terms,please Call ( 86 ) 755 29746345*.Consulting.

Understand service support

Commuter Bus

Employee Bus

Corporate Shuttle

Shenzhen Tourist Bus

Meeting Bus

Exhibition Bus

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Bus Manufacturer


Yutong Bus

Golden Dragon Bus

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