Rowenta Inc.

Address: Number 3,Five Lane,Metro East,Xixiang linen community,Bao'an District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China
( Peng Chau MTR Station Exit D )

Hottel: ( 86 ) 755 29746345

Mobile: ( 86 ) 139 0292 0476 ( Mr.Chen )


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About Rowenta

Our story of development


Tourist Bus

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Founded in 2007,is a regular legal bus company in Shenzhen,but also a multi-year professional bus services company.Rowenta Inc Customer volume,sales,visibility is one of the top companies in Shenzhen,China.
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Rowenta Inc.

Rowenta tour bus fleet.

Main services include

Staff Shuttle、Company Use、Guangdong inspection、Film Crew、Conference Vehicles、Exhibition Bus、Suburban Tourism、Shuttle Service、Airport Transfer、Hotel Bus、Wedding Car.The car clean and tidy, luxurious configuration, the length of rent can be.Our drivers are familiar with the city road and high quality Provide safe and comfortable car service.

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Rowenta™ Registration information

Rowenta Inc Information has been updated on February 22,2017.1

Shenzhen Rowenta Bus Leasing Development Co.,Ltd.

Full Name

March 27,2007 ( Establishment )

( A company incorporated in Shenzhen with limited liability )

USD $ 800000*.

Registered Capital

Bao'an District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

Registered Office

Rowenta Bus,Rowenta Tour Bus

Short Name

Bus Rental,tourism Charter,Commuter Shuttle

Main Business


Certificate of Incorporation


English Name

Chan Yukun

Representative and General Manager

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Change Date: November 27,2017
Cooperation with us Our business to provide the best quality and service.
Commitment to customers,long term and common development.

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  • Agreement came into effect subject to the deposit credited into account,otherwise the company will not arrange vehicles,after the two sides signed an agreement to set cars will not be refunded.
  • Ask your staff about your order total,including taxes and shipping costs.
  • Payment on bank notes include your order ID.
  • Please scan the remittance voucher as an attachment and email it to:

If you have questions about rental terms,please Call ( 86 ) 755 29746345*.Consulting.

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Employee Bus

Corporate Shuttle

Shenzhen Tourist Bus

Meeting Bus

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