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Mobile: ( 86 ) 139 0292 0476 ( Mr.Chen )


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Service Support

Provide,great demand.

Become every business,
Every employee's shuttle provider.

Rowenta Inc,Monday to Friday, work and get off work, the company's bus on time at all junctions in Shenzhen to send large-scale corporate employees to and from the company and workshop,Company for enterprises to develop the perfect route, docking stations and timetables of the overall solution and provide the appropriate delivery vehicle in accordance with business requirements.


At any time,
We need to provide you with bus.

Excellent company to become an international standard team.Extremely large Shenzhen bus company,With its constantly enrich our company's business scope,Now more powerful than ever、More use value、Easier to use.Because Rowenta Inc Born to be good,We therefore wider range of services.

Rowenta,Iic.Project Package

Commuter Bus
Provide staff workers commute
Shuttle service.
Employee Bus
Signed an agreement,shuttle to and from get off work,
arrive company.
Corporate Shuttle
You can buy a new car based on customer demand,
develop a reasonable route.
Shenzhen Tourist Bus
A variety of buses,safe and comfortable,
it is the best choice of travel.
Meeting Bus
Shenzhen is the most convenient booking center,
to undertake a variety of large-scale meetings.
Exhibition Bus
Exhibition morning and evening
round-trip transfer.
Airport Transfer
Shuttle guests to and from the airport, and can accept customers
Commissioned shuttle guests.
Hotels Bus
From the starting point to the designated hotel,somewhere
Shuttle to the hotel.
Shooting Use
Performing,performing smoothly
Follow the photography.
On behalf of driving service
Drunk driving on behalf of,the security to your home,
Let your family worry peace of mind.
Worker Commuter Car
You go to work,we also go to work,
Rest is also rest.
School Bus
Student examination,spring travel,autumn tour,
and many more.
Spring Festival Chartered
Secure Your group to a designated destination,
New Year.
Shopping Mall Bus
Shopping mall Free bus
Pick shopping.
Christmas Vacation Travel
Travel around Christmas holidays
Family trip.
Golf Bus
Golf activities to facilitate travel services to
customers devotion To golf.
Private Hire
Personal organization travel
Charity and World Olympics.
Museum Tours
So find the schedule that best suits your schedule,
Visit tour.
More suggestions for feedback
If there is a better service idea, you can suggest to send us an email.


Learn more about how we book the program.
Choose the car you want.

The required conditions

Determining scheme used.

A few people,time,contact information

Sign a bus agreement.

Delivery of deposit,complete the appointment

The above booking information is presented as an easy to understand reference.
Specific advice Rowenta staff.
Call directly (86) 755 29746345
Get help Contact Support.

  • Agreement came into effect subject to the deposit credited into account,otherwise the company will not arrange vehicles,after the two sides signed an agreement to set cars will not be refunded.
  • Ask your staff about your order total,including taxes and shipping costs.
  • Payment on bank notes include your order ID.
  • Please scan the remittance voucher as an attachment and email it to:

If you have questions about rental terms,please Call ( 86 ) 755 29746345*.Consulting.

Understand service support

Commuter Bus

Employee Bus

Corporate Shuttle

Shenzhen Tourist Bus

Meeting Bus

Exhibition Bus

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